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Feed the Hungry, Plant for the Future!

Feed the Hungry, Plant for the Future!

IMG_20201124_143124_884b.jpgWe are so grateful for each of you who gave to the bean project. It truly has been a blessing to hundreds  of needy families. Along with beans, we have able to give fruits and vegetables from our gardens.

We are continuing to grow more beans and also sweet potatoes to give to the most vulnerable. This week we will give cabbages and papayas from our gardens to needy families.

We’ve employed nearly 30 people to work on this project. These workers have in turn been able to care for their families during this  season of particular hardships. We thank God for your partnership.

Promoting Creativity and Sustainability
One big part of our heart & mission is to promote creative giftings, identify & develop potential in people, give opportunity to receive skills training, help lessen dependency and promote self-sustainability. We have numerous stories of God’s favour in the lives of those we had the opportunity to share our lives with.

Here is our friend Dorothy’s story…

Dorothy Kironde joined us in Youth With a Mission in the late 1980s. When we left in 1992 she stayed on and later married Salom Kironde. For many years people who knew they were dying from AIDS asked Dorothy to take their children and raise them. Even before she and Salom had their own children they began to take in children to raise.

IMG_20201219_102946_849b.jpgOther families in YWAM also were taking in children and 9 families formed the Foster Family Network. They joined together to support, encourage and provide accountability to each other as they took on this task. Over time they added on satellite families. These were made up of widows with children and each of these families would help support these women and children as well. Now Dorothy has raised 50 children and still has 12 at home.

We met up with Dorothy again when we returned to Uganda and she had a small craft business going but really did not have a permanent place to sell her products. We opened Jinja Farmers Market for entrepreneurs like Dorothy to help them find market for their products.

In the last few years we have encouraged and promoted Dorothy whenever possible. A visiting team last year helped her set up a Facebook page for her business, Ayala Crafts. Her business helps provide work for at least ten other people. The lack of tourists and visitors negatively impacted her business this year. She has started raising chickens and has plans to expand her business once life is more normal. Dorothy is amazing!!

Better Nutrition ~ Better Immune Systems ~ Better Health
IMG_20201126_114904_635b.jpgIMG_20200512_134155_037b.jpgWe continue to plant, harvest and promote nutritious fruits, berries and vegetables on all of our land. We grow moringa, soursop, mangoes, oranges, jackfruit, guavas, gooseberries, breadfruit, grapes, pomegranates, orange sweet potatoes, starfruit, avocados, and many more vitamin loaded foods.

Why? Better nutrition means stronger immune systems for better health and resistance to viruses and other sicknesses. Preventative medicine is better than curative treatment.

With the world’s youngest population (50% are 15 and under), we promote tree planting & nutrition education so that the upcoming generation will be strong & healthy. The picture  on the right is of a young (3 yr old) jackfruit tree that is already bearing amazing jackfruit.

Our Trees Our Future – Community Tree Planting
The seasonal rains continued this month which allowed Our Trees Our Future teams to plant 6,500 trees with 520 families in December alone. Fruit trees, fast growing hardwood timber trees, shade trees and indigenous species planted on whatever plot of land that subsistence farmers had available. First training then hole digging & checking and finally tree planting.

Sharing Knowledge with Eager Interns

 Please help us invest in the youth of Africa. For $200 we can equip a young person through our excellent residential internship program. Please sends gifts designated “Our Trees Our Future Internship Program”.