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Feed the Hungry, Plant for the Future!

Feed the Hungry, Plant for the Future!

We have been planting, planting, planting beans daily since we started receiving funds given to this project. We’ve employed approximately 30-35 young workers to clear land, plant, weed, water and now some harvest has begun. We have the joy of giving the nutritous harvest to the needy, the most vulnerable during Covid-19 times! The real blessing goes to those of you who have helped us launch this project.

First Beans Harvested
The first 100 kilos of beans that were harvested and given to a ministry that cares for families of 10-50 orphans and widows… “We had just finished the last cup of beans…. we told our children, you pray… God will provide for our daily needs… and then your gift of food arrived!

The next 100 kilos of beans given to a ministry that cares for malnurished and disabled children… “Thank you so much for the 100 kilos of beans. It actually was a timely blessing beca use just today they told me we don’t have beans left. Thank you so much for your generousity

More beans are drying now and will be ready for distribution next week. Thank you for sharing in this project!


Mango Smile
We have just completed mango season where were able to help ministries involved in food distribution with nutritious mangoes and oranges. Here is a testimony…
We will cherish this precious moment, indelible in our hearts! “When we arrived with the food package, an old man struggled to come out of the shanty home, aided by a young child.  Even though he was blind, he could sense the
excitement of his grandchildren who surrounded
 him, dancing and singing, ‘Grandfather we now have food! Food has come!’ The smallest child kept hugging a huge mango that had been handed to him, beaming from ear to ear.” No words, just JOY! A sweet mango… pure joy!

Apiary Project Underway – Bees & Trees
malaika_training.jpgWe are setting up an apiary at our farm to help pollinate our fruit trees and vegetable gardens. The bigger purpose is to model beekeeping operations and train local farmers in bee keeping so that they can develop additional income streams and benefit the environment. We are working closely with a first class company called Malaika Honey that trains, supports and buys honey produced by farmers around the country.

A Bout of Malaria
I (Nick) had a nasty bout of malaria last week that kept me off my feet for some days. Need to be more careful when staying at other places overnight. More mosquitoes, sometimes less protection available… sprays, mosquito nets.

COVID19 Update – Positive cases have continued to rise and a few days ago the first person with COVID19 died. Restrictions are still in place… no public gathering, evening curfews, limited public transport, borders and airport closed, no schools, etc.

The bigger challenge looks like it is an economic one. With very high unemployment, a big breakdown in market access, limited income and available cash… the effects of COVID19 will go on for sometime especially effecting the urban and rural poor.

This season of fear and uncertainty has affirmed our vision of strategic tree planting, improving food security, demonstrating and training youth & farmers in growing more nutritious food, sustainability, better farming principles… the practice of agroforestry and the belief that African solutions are right here in Africa. All with the desire to reveal God’s heart for this and future generations of Africans. May His Kingdom come and will be done…

Some Special Fruits
We grow some unique trees that produce very nutritious, interesting fruit…
                                starfruit, guava, soursop,giant granadilla, breadfruit

Have an Eggplant recipe? Please send

We have an abundance of “black beauty eggplant” and would love some more recipes to give to our farmers market customers. Tonight we enjoyed eggplant pizza for dinner. Yummmy! These eggplant can reach 2kg+.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics. Our lives are very challenging and never dull here in Uganda. We appreciate prayer for health, safety, times of rest & refreshing, wisdom, and clear vision as we lead through this challenging season.