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Dekonings in Uganda

Dekonings in Uganda

Update from Nick & Cheryl DeKoning in Africa

30 October 2022

And now… Ebola Virus Please Pray Uganda has hit the world news with an outbreak of Ebola in western parts of the nation. World Health Organization is working closely with the Ministry of Health to try to contain this deadly, dangerous virus. Some people have died of the disease which currently has no medical cure. Two districts have been isolated completely for 21 days… no one in, no one out except for medical personnel. Life goes on as normal where we live but the impact is being felt by a huge reduction of tourists & visitors to the country, another big slow down in the economy with prices going up and and sales going down. Then there is the fear that accompanies Ebola. What is Ebola Virus Disease?

Cheryl… back in school! I (Cheryl) am taking an online course on the Soil Food Web. This is an introductory course on the role of microbiology and microbes in soil regeneration. My brain is being stretched in exploring chemistry and microbiology concepts I haven’t thought about in, let’s say several years. I am loving it! Sometimes I have to stop and worship as I see the amazing way God created the smallest details to work together in perfection. Understanding soil care and regeneration is the greatest need in agriculture here. The information is coming just at the right time and we already are putting it into practice as we learn. Should you like to know more, here are some videos that explain the basic concepts.

We are not where we want to be BUT… We are not where we used to be Continual discoveries, continual corrections, some failures, some “let’s try this”, continual improvements has made our Creation Care Learning Centre and farms a destination for all kinds of people seeking to learn a bit more about agriculture and agroforestry. Primary, secondary, post secondary students come for tours. Agribusiness leaders, agricultural educators, farmers, environmental groups and more, come and learn at our spaces. We are trying to become excellent at what we do while giving many young people the opportunity to succeed and often to fail… producing a great model is not easy! We Want To Become Better The rest of this communication describes some of our attempts to become better. Better people, better stewards of God’s creation, give better opportunities & hope to this generation and to better reflect His heart in a broken world. Graduation – Intensive Agrobusiness Training Progam Another graduation of young men & women from our 10 week residential program. A recent trip to visit graduates around the country has shown that the skills taught are helping youth get jobs, start small businesses, go on to an agriculture and find direction with passion for their lives. Thank you for sponsoring of some of these students. The cost per student for 10 week residental program is $330 CAD.


Interesting Visitors… In this pic the visitors are from the Ministry of Agriculture in Tanzania, an engineer from South Africa, an Irishman director of an Ag Business, the head of the best private university in Uganda and the designer/engineer of an electric tractor being developed in the country. Many people feel our small farm is a good example of the future of agriculture… agroforestry, diversity, permaculture/organic principles demonstrated, good use of space, etc.

Work Readiness Program – 10 recent university graduates to join us We are participating in a six month work readiness program for recent university graduates intended to help address the biggest problem for young graduates. The problem is this… a piece of paper (a degree) without any work experience results in employers not ready to employ these graduates. The bridge is assisting graduates of different disciplines to gain some experience in the work place and then hopefully prepare them to move to full employment. We are employing 10 graduates with assistance from the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda starting Nov 1st. It’s a very big challenge for us! Into All The World (IATW) visitors to Uganda Executive Director Andrea and Board of Directors Chairperson Beryl visited with us from Canada. Together we visited different mission works across Uganda then travelled to Kenya together. This pic is of Andrea & Beryl sharing with our students during their lecture time at our farm.

Our Trees Our Future at Work Rains have continued so we are able to continue educating communities and schools on the value of and necessity of tree planting. The trees we offer are for fruits for better nutrition, sources of income(fruit & timber), firewood (woodlots), shade, property border identication, medicinal value, and of course to protect the evironment.


A Reminder of Why Tree Planting is Important View this short video – The Full Water Cycle View this short video – The Watershed Death Spiral Some New Things… For Profit and For Training

Sometimes what we plant grows very well like black raspberries. Highly nutritious, a high value product as we find markets, it’s a vine that we invested a little money in to get started. Now we are experiencing a bumper harvest and are increasing our black raspberry space. We have not seen it grown anywhere in the country but it’s thriving on our farm. Challenges include short “shelf-life”, extremely thornly, and difficult to transport on bad roads. Great with plain yogurt at home also! ———————————— One of our new staff produces mushrooms so he willing to train our students and staff on mushroom growing. Start very small scale, hope to have some success and then begin selling at our farmers market. This also can become a low cost startup to a new business for some of interns and other trainees after completion of their time with us. Prayer Requests & Thanksgiving * Prayer for us – We under some extreme pressure… some good, some bad. Inflation, terrible economy, finances, expanding staff, government corruption, greed, deception, navigating culture, etc. * Thanks for supporting our training programs and prayer for provision for the last program of the year which ongoing. * Prayer for wisdom as we explore an MOU with Uganda’s leading private university * Prayer for the Ebola situation that it would contained and stopped. * Pray for an increase in sales of our nursery products and other services. * For gifts to fund our tree seedling distribution. Planting the right trees in the right place… a long term solution. * For our personal support – Thank you to those who continue to assist us monthly. Thank you for your partnership, friendship, prayer and financial support! Nick & Cheryl