Where do you do most of your work?

Currently, projects are progressing in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. We try and help you go to where God is calling you.

How to donate online to IATW?

Just click on the donate button – then scroll down the list of names scroll down to the project of your choice and fill
out the rest of the form and click send.

Where are your headquarters?

We are located in Guelph, Ontario Canada. The post address is: 40 Taggart St, Unit 5, Guelph ON N1L 1M5. You can also reach us by email at office@iatw.ca

What ministries do you have that impact youth?

We have several – In Uganda a nursery school, a home for street boys in Mbarara; in Morocco training for children in English, Solomon Islands, training in Sunday Schoolwork and a children’s prayer ministry; in Haiti, a feeding program at schools. In India – support for orphans.

Do you work with programs working against famine?

In Uganda we produce millions of trees for schools, families which provide food and finances. In other nations we have food relief such as Ethiopia and Nigeria in times of drought.

How can I volunteer with IATW?

Please call or email us. We can use volunteers in our office in Guelph as well as in many of our current projects around the world.

How can I adopt an unreached people group?

We encourage you/your church to adopt an unengaged, unreached people group for prayer and beyond that if possible research, a visit, send workers. Contact office@iatw.ca for more information.

How does IATW help equip Canadian churches to talk about missions?

We provide information and training for local churches to help them advance in missions commitment. If you are interested in having one of our missionaries or a local representative come and speak at your church, please e-mail us at office@iatw.ca

What support do you provide for those looking for God’s calling on their life?

We provide counsel to individuals who want to know more about serving Christ here in Canada and in other nations of the world.

How can I learn more about getting involved with IATW?

We have a number of brochures that are helpful to individuals and churches who want to be involved in Great Commission mission. To request some, e-mail us at office@iatw.ca