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THE L.A.M.B. Project
For 25 years, IATW has been working among the A people group in Ethiopia.



The LAMB project was the project we focused on during our 40th anniversary year. Our partner, G, working in Ethiopia with FCBM are seeking to develop a safe place to develop and train young “A” believers to grow in their faith. At the same time, this building would meet a need to provide some financial independence for the ministry by providing a source of income through renting the space in the building to other projects and NGOs. With the support of IATW, our partners in Ethiopia were able to purchase the land for the LAMB project. 

Since then, the building design has been approved and plans are underway to start the building.  

They had some funds available to start with the preparation of the foundation level.  They have started now to put the supports in place for the basement floor.  They are now at a critical place in the building as they need to complete this level before the heavy rains begin in May. If you are not familiar with equatorial rains – they are heavy and come rapidly. If the floor is not completed, the part of the building that has been started could be washed away, and lead to more damage to buildings next door.

In the meantime, G has been looking for other sources of funding. In a huge answer to prayer, the bank has agreed to provide the funds to complete the building at a very good rate of interest.  However, there is one stipulation. G and his team have to complete at least 20% of the building before they can access the rest of the funds.  In order to complete this amount of the building, there is an immediate need for around $30,000 USD.