About David and Mary Beth Alenskis

David first sensed in his teenage years that the Lord was calling him to pastoral ministry, but without a clear direction with regards to where or how. So, before beginning his theological studies, he took a year to volunteer at a Christian orphanage on the northern coast of Peru, an experience that gave him a lasting passion for cross-cultural ministry. He went as a full-time missionary first to Argentina and then to Belize where he has served as pastor of two rural churches and three primary schools.

Mary Beth on the other hand had never expected to be an overseas missionary, but as she and David began dating and then looked toward marriage, she was confident that the Lord would guide her toward the kind of ministry right for her. Since joining David in Belize in 2016, she has been amazed to witness all the ways that God has used her gifts to reach others through music, outreach and youth ministries.

After sensing a new call to assist the church with theological education and ministry development, in the Fall of 2020 David began a doctoral program in theology through Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. The whole family is actively discerning where and how the Lord will be calling them next.

The Alenskis are partners with Into All The World and SAMS-USA