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About Pigs as Blessings | Pastor Amon & Olive

My name is Amon Mpumwire. I was born in western Uganda in a humble but polygamous family.  It was hard to get an education since there were many children from different mothers.  Because my mother loved education, I was able to attend school after her pleading with the principal.

I completed teacher training for kindergarten and primary school.  I decided to go back to school and acquired a first-class degree in education and a degree in social work and administration.  I also attended Bible and theology training in Mbale for two years and got a certificate.  I got further Bible and theology training.  Our church is House of Grace Church in Mbale. 

My wife, Olive, saw many teen girls having babies and suffering, with nobody to help them.   Olive decided to start the Pigs as a Blessing Project to help young mothers to be self-sustaining.  This ministry to assist single mothers began in 2021.

Now our ministry has expanded.  This has been done through house to house sharing and street evangelism.  As a result, we have seen many pagans, Moslems, and religious people convert to Christ and be water baptized.

We have been working with Nick and Cheryl Dekoning, with Our Trees Our Future, in Jinja, in order to get unemployed young adults from our church involved in their agricultural training program.  We are interested in getting other young adults into trade schools.

We have provided food to widows and hungry families, feminine products to young women, and medical care for those in need.

We continue to trust the Lord for open doors and opportunities to serve in our community.