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About Cozy and Kemahee Baker

Cozy and Kemahee Baker are local missionaries based in Kitchener, Ontario. 
They were married in 2019 and their calling is to reach the youth and young adults for Christ through creative art forms. 
Cozy is a music artist, DJ, dancer,  and videographer, who grew up in Georgetown, Ontario. He has a passion for youth and young adult ministry and sees his gift of music as a tool to inspire and mentor young males in his generation. 

Kemahee was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario and she has a passion for young females to be rooted in their identity in Christ.  She is a painter and dancer and uses her gifts to inspire others to use their gifts for the glory of God .

Together, the couple has founded the TV ministry called Out Of Boundz. Out Of Boundz is a creative arts ministry that seeks to inspire and empower youth and young adults to use their creative gifts for the glory of God. 

Out of Boundz endeavours to use the creative arts as a means to edify youth and young adults by providing them with a space where they can showcase their artistic talents, and engage in group mentorship workshops. Out Of Boundz also operates as creative evangelism, in that it is designed to reach those who are isolated, lonely and ostracized and surround them with a sense of community and support. 

Out Of Boundz will be broadcasted on the Kingdom Insight TV Network in 2021. Kingdom Insight TV is a Christian Television Broadcasting Network that was established in 2010 and has a global reach around the world. 

Cozy and Kemahee hope that through their ministry the youth and young adults will know that “there are no bounds that are outside of God’s reach”. 

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