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About New Life Church | Pastor Barack & Dianah

My name is Bwire Mubaraka, but I go by Barack.  I was born into a Muslim home in Uganda.  When my father died, my mother was left with 5 boys to raise alone.  She enrolled us in a Christian school where we each heard the Gospel and came to Christ.

My wife, Dianah, and I had a vision for vulnerable orphaned children in our area.  We could see so many children in need of education.

I was called to be a pastor.  I attended Bible and theology training in Kenya for 1-year and I got my first certificate.  I got further training and received several certificates in theology.  I recently completed a 3-year training in Bible and theology.

We started the ministry of our church in 2012 and the school in 2015. We call our church New Life Church International and the school is called Ebenezer Nursery and Primary School.

Now the ministry has expanded and we have 19 churches in different parts of the country in our growing network.  Our school has grown in number and in buildings.  We are helping over 100 children who had no access to school and we look forward to helping more.

The Gospel is being preached in our church as well as in open air evangelism.  Many have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and have been water baptized.

We have been working with Nick and Cheryl Dekoning, in Jinja, with Our Trees Our Future, in order to get unemployed young adults from our church families involved in their agricultural training program.  We are interested in getting other young adults into trade schools.

We have provided food and medical care for those in need. 

We started a number of micro finance groups in various communities which have benefited many widows and the elderly.

We are looking to the Lord for what he has next for our ministry.