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About Our Trees, Our Future | Nick & Cheryl DeKoning

Nick and Cheryl have years of experience in Africa. First with YWAM in Kenya then they began bases in Uganda. Reoccurring bouts of Malaria brought them back to Canada for a number of years.

Nick made a visit back to Uganda about 2014 and a number of his former YWAM students encouraged them to come back. As this new venture would be different than the past, they approached IATW about service.

They are back in Uganda in the Jinja area and have organized an amazing ministry called Our Trees Our Future. They have purchased over 60 acres of land and have produced millions of trees – fruit, coffee, lumber, indigenous, Moringa and other varieties to bless the nation.

The government has asked them to visit schools with the information of the value of trees and they have also handed out thousands of trees to schools and households to assist in drought reduction as well as an income to bless the families.

They have built a training centre and have numerous seminars on trees and the value of agroforestry, as well as leadership development and mentoring programs.,