IATW has worked with the Ebongs for several years in Nigeria. Ezekiel Ebong passed away in 2018, however, his wife Mercy has continued to minister through Living Faith Renewal Centre. Mercy’s daughter, Elizabeth, has also joined her mother in continuing the ministry in Nigeria.

Living Faith Renewal Centre reaches out through several methods to spread the gospel and support the local church. Living Faith Renewal Center started as a church plant. They have gone on to develop the Christian Mission and Training Commission (CMTC) which serves as a Bible College for Pastors, church workers and anyone who seeks to build a life on a strong Bible foundation.

Living Faith Renewal Center also offers education to children through Mercy International Christian School. This school covers from preschool to grade 6.

Mercy and Elizabeth are also reaching out through a women’s ministry called “Moms in Touch” to minister to the ladies in the church.

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