May 2023 Update: It is with sadness that we share the announcement that Pastor Abraham Emmanuel passed away in Mar 2023. However, we rejoice that he is now worshipping in the presence of our Saviour. Nazarene mission was planted and nurtured by Pastor Emmanuel. His family now plans to step in and continue the work that has been started. Ashly Emmanuel will be providing oversite to the pastoral team while Vasanthi and Naomi Emmanuel will be continuing to provide administrative support and oversite to outreach projects. We are glad to see the work of God continuing in Sri Lanka!

About Nazarene Mission

The Nazarene Mission was founded by Pastor Abraham Emmanuel. The following is Pastor Emmanuel’s testimony about his call to start the Nazarene Mission.

I was born a Hindu; at the age of 8 my whole family accepted the Lord. However, my journey with God did not start then. Just like the prodigal son, I walked away from God and family. The day I had nothing and felt hopeless, God touched me; and this led me to get closer to Him and serve Him. In 1993, I had the calling from God to pastor a church. So, full of faith, I started Nazarene Mission, Sri Lanka.

The vision of Nazarene Mission is to reach out to the poorest of the poor in Sri Lanka; to preach the Gospel and bring souls to Christ. Our ministry focuses on people from tea and rubber plantations in the Central province and Southwest province of Sri Lanka; and people living in the slums of Colombo. The main church is located in Colombo, and it meets every Sunday for worship and during weekdays for Bible studies, women’s prayers, and family build-up meetings. The church has several branch churches in the tea plantations and praying for God’s provision to expand. Over 90 percent of Sri Lankans practice Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism collectively. As a church we yearn for the citizens to get to know Jesus Christ. We hope and pray for God’s wisdom and provision to spread and take the Gospel to people to the rural villages of Sri Lanka.