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About Jonathan & Tesella Hicks

We've been actively serving across the globe for over 35 years.

Jonathan and Tesella Hicks, along with their six children, serve on the island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands.

Jonathan is an ordained Anglican priest in the Church of Melanesia and a lecturer at the Trinity School of Theology and Ministry. The family lives on the school campus with their 30 students and families. Jonathan is the academic dean and teaches a number of courses including Hebrew and Greek, Christology, Pneumatology, Old Testament and New Testament. He celebrates communion and preaches both on campus and at churches in the surrounding villages.

Tesella homeschools the children and also teaches the wives of the students. She will be teaching an introduction to the Gospel class, a Nutrition and Cooking Class and holding a weekly Bible Study with student and staff wives. She is also the Mothers’s Union Literature Secretary for the island of Malaita and works with the other leaders to promote the use of scripture in the villages.

Jonathan and Tesella are praying for a revival in the Anglican Church of Melanesia, that God would raise up a new generation of holy priests to lead the church through service and humility in the power of the Holy Spirit. In a country that is on-paper 98% Christian, there is still much syncretism with the old ancestral worship and corruption within church leadership.

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