About Hallelujah Isreal

Hallelujah Israel is the director of Village Evangelization India The mission was founded by his father with the vision to reach the poor villages and teach the word of Jesus.

By God’s grace it has prospered and reached not only Tamil Nadu state but states to the north, east and west as well. Many souls have been save and brought into the fold of Jesus. When an IATW team visited about 20 years ago there were about 20 churches. The mission has now grown to about 100 churches.

Helping projects were started to help the poor, young and married people. Thus several projects have come in to existence such as a sewing school, care of orphans, feeding programmes and self help initiatives. One IATW initiative the Jim Bechtel memorial fish farm was destroyed by Hindu extremists who spread rumours that the fish were poisoned and any eating them would die.

VEI started a school which has made a quick progress of starting from lower kindergarten to 12th std. Into All the World helped us to equip our science lab. We have good teachers and the students have done very well in the state wide examinations.

We very much appreciate the valuable prayers of God’s people and those who come forward to support the work.

India still has many needs for evangelism as there are still quite a few unengaged unreached people groups.


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