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About Joe & Veronica Martin

Joe and Veronica Martin have been serving at Phnom Penh Bible School in Cambodia since 2012. Phnom Penh Bible School is a four year Bible college which trains Cambodian Christians to make disciples in Cambodia as pastors, teachers, or Christian leaders. Joe teaches Bible (primarily Old Testament and Hermeneutics) as well as English. Joe also helps coordinate the academic program and run other aspects of the academic program. 

As he has time, Joe also helps with outreach to mainland Chinese who are working in Phnom Penh. Veronica helps teach English at the Bible School in addition to homeschooling their children and leading worship at their church. Joe and Veronica have four children; Wesley, Briana, Lucas, and Tommy. For updates on their ministry, you can join their private Facebook group “Martins in Cambodia,” follow them on Instagram at Martins_in_Cambodia, or sign up for their email newsletter at martinsincambodia@gmail.com.

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