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About Ken & Julie Moser

Ken and Julie have been involved in youth ministry for 35+ years as both church youth ministers and youth ministry trainers in Australia and Canada. Ken has a Ph.D in Practical Theology and both he and Julie are the authors of several youth ministry books and resources. 
In May 2022 Ken and Julie are moving to Amsterdam, NL where Ken will teach Youth Ministry and Christian Education at Tyndale Theological Seminary (https://tyndale-europe.edu). The mission of Tyndale is “Focussing on Europe, Reaching the World.” 
Students come from all over the world for post-graduate ministry education (Master of Theology and Master; Masters of Evangelical Theology.) 
All professors at Tyndale are missionaries and raise their own support which means the students from the developing world (which is most of them) are on full-ride scholarships. For many of the students it would be impossible to attend Tyndale without this provision.
“The reach of Tyndale around the world through its students is very exciting and to be able to minister through the local church in Europe, one of the most spiritually needy places in the world, is an incredible opportunity for the gospel.” Ken and Julie