About Enlightened Mercy Ministries | Adam Ole Siloti

IATW first met Pastor Adam Ole Siloti as a Maasai moran – when he was working at an IATW school project in Zanzibar.  Adam shared about his desire to reach out to his fellow Maasai in Tanzania. In 2010, IATW encouraged him to seek to do this.

He has now started a ministry called Enlightened Mercy Ministries sharing the gospel in his own home area among unreached villages. He has started two churches – village of Mhagata and Sangamwiru in Tanga area.  There are other villages in the area without churches, and they have started several “prayer points” in these areas. 

Adam has recently reconnected with IATW and is seeking to work together to continue to provide training materials and various courses to share the gospel with the villages in his home area. He is also seeking assistance to meet some of the local health needs. For example, malaria mosquitoes are a major problem and he would like to help with providing mosquito nets.  If you are interested in reaching out to the Maasai of Tanzania, please click the donate button below.