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About Paul & Ale Watson

Paul and Ale Watson for served Christ for a number of years in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and now Rwanda.

We have currently set up a complete house and have had a new couple being trained for missions from Argentina. They have completed a survey and have returned home for support raising and further training.

The Rwandan people are generally eager and enthusiastic about anything relating to work and worship. They work hard mostly in rural areas with agriculture and singing and dancing are among priority at any service. Even though 5,500 churches have been closed over the last year the people are hopeful to reopen with the necessary changes the government is demanding.  Hope also abounds in ambitions to improve their socio and economic status, we work among the poorest people in Africa so the determination is high and people apply themselves to whatever they can do.

We are busy with health concerns as many people suffer tummy related issues. We are sure the drinking water plays a significant role with that problem. Our tests show very high e-coli bacteria (fecal wastes) in most waters tested. Harvesting water from rain sources seems to be one of the better options so we are pursuing setting up tanks in key areas like schools and churches to help people obtain lower bacteria water.  Other possibilities include water filtration systems.

We also have hopes to get a container of books into schools. They are in desperate need of libraries.

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