Mitchells in Scotland

February Prayer News + Pics

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Mitchells in Scotland

Mitchells in Scotland

Dear praying family and friends,

Thanks for your prayer and support as we serve as a family with Connect Church (David + family), local homeschool networks (Agnes) and Firestarters (Elijah).

Prayer & praise points:

– thanks for praying for R – a young man with many intellectual questions about Christianity. He recently met at night with David for a discussion at the church, and at the end said ‘no one knows I’m here!’ – it’s quite a private quest, a bit like Nicodemus coming to Jesus at night. We are reading a book together – pray intellectual objections fade and Jesus reveals himself.

– we’re relaunching some youth work at the church – pray for the range of kids connected to our church – from uninterested to young in faith – to come out and experience God and his love

– David is on the home stretch with his Master’s research degree, planning to finish this summer. Pray for the ongoing research and writing on Christian leadership.

– new opportunity- we had some government benefits dry up, but God had opened a door for David & Agnes teaching music as a side job, which is actually better. Praise God for his provision, and pray we serve our students well and also for gospel opportunities in this work.

– Acacia is have a good learning experience at L’Abri, Switzerland. Agnes would have gone to see her a few days ago but we were grounded by covid. She’s planning a short visit in March instead.

We appreciate you.

We’d love to get an update and let us know how we can pray for you.

As well – let us know when you’re planning a visit to Scotland!

Dunfermline Cathedral

This is the view from Acacia’s room at L’Abri – memories of BC, Canada.

Elijah’s hobby these days is producing a podcast called “What are you all about?” interviewing people mainly from the Christian metal scene! Check it out: