Mosers in the Netherlands

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Mosers in the Netherlands

Mosers in the Netherlands

Photo above: The Crocus flower is springing up all around Tyndale…the sign that Spring approaching!

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17

A story from this week… After church on Sunday a woman approached Julie and they had this conversation…
Woman: Heb je een beamer [data projector] nodig?
Julie: Ja (kind of surprised)…ik heb een beamer nodig.
Woman: Welk type?
Julie: Kamer tot kamer beamer.
Woman: Oke…Kom met mij (and she shows Julie the data projector.)
Julie: Hoe weet je dat? Hoe weet je dat heb ik een beamer nodig?
Woman: De Heilige Geest.

At the end of the conversation Julie decided to clarify in English what was said (much like you probably are wanting to do)…are you giving me a data projector? …Yes…How did you know I needed a data projector?…The Holy Spirit.

Earlier that week we had lead an Ash Wednesday service at Tyndale. The Tyndale data projector is so old that Ken could not connect his mac. We discussed the fact that we need another one but that there are no funds. We have also been talking about a church plant and that we need a portable data projector. God knows what we need before we ask (Matt 6:8.)

Pray for Tyndale
Pray for Tyndale staff as they make decisions on accepting new students beginning in September.
Pray for new staff needed: a cook and a property manager.

Funding month to month for Tyndale continues to be a difficulty. Please keep Tyndale and the students in your prayers. Give thanks that God has been faithful in providing every month!

The Student Ministry team continues to serve churches and we are talking through  how to do evangelism as a team in the Netherlands. Please pray for direction and opportunities. Our mission trip to Madrid was unfortunately had to be cancelled.

[If you are interested here are video links to two church services that the team has lead in a nearby church: //]

Pray for…

We are once more looking at planting a local church in Badhoevedorp. We will begin simply by providing a church service and hope to begin at Easter. Please pray for wisdom and an affordable and suitable venue.

Pray for us as we make plans to set up youth ministry training seminars for local churches. On March 16 we are running an all-day training for youth leaders in Eindhoven.

Continue to pray for our language learning…. give thanks that as we look back over the year and a half, we see how far we have come!

Photo above: Julie with her Tyndale mentoring group (Women from: Malaysia, Ghana (2), Dutch-Vietnamese)