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Smiths in Uganda

Smiths in Uganda

Reaching the World ~ Transforming Lives

T hy word is a lamp unto my feet…” Ps. 119: 105 a


Would you buy a Bible if it costs a month’s salary or would you choose to feed
your family instead? For some in Uganda that is the choice they have to make.

For others, knowing how to rightly divide the Word is important
so they can accurately discern truth from error and not be deceived.

We recently were able to host a one-day seminar on the Word of God.
The day started with breakfast and worship. Five teachers/pastors shared
during the day which included 
a lunch break and ended with Q & A time.

Topics included:

An overview of the Word of God.
Why it is important to study the Word of God.
How the Word is profitable in our lives.
Rightly dividing and interpreting the Word.
How to apply the Word to our lives.

Each of the 56 in attendance from 13 different churches received a Bible (50 English Bibles and 6 in Luganda). Many people were touched and requested us to do another conference soon about studying the Word.

Comments from the day

Pastor Israel – “Appreciated Called to Bless for giving him an opportunity to share and teach about the Word of God in the conference.”

At church on Sunday, he said that “Called to Bless, through these conferences, brings pastors and people from different churches in unity.” He prayed that the people would continue to love learning the Word and for unity as a body of Christ.

Pastor Emma’s wife said, “Since last year’s December conference, they changed the
way they were teaching the Word in their church. They are now teaching in a more systematic way which has made believers to understand the Word in a simpler way.”
They were also able to open up their first Kids’ Sunday school classes
(as they saw the value of children’s ministry) and are seeing lives changed. They have been encouraged
as a church to study the Word of God. She said there are still believers who do not have Bibles and are believing God for provision. Six believers from her church received a Bible that day.

Mr. Lubowa said he has never heard anyone explain to him ho w to interpret the scriptures. There are so many things, scriptures and passages, he does not understand, so many questions, and has been searching for answers. Said he would like to come back again for the conference to learn more about God’s word. His bible was getting old. Some pages were missing.

Dan said he loves God and is involved in a door-to-door evangelism group at their church. He has been going to share the word without a Bible. Scriptures were written on a piece of paper. Says He will now always go with his Bible.


Mulungi said, “I grew up in Christian home, got a scholarship in a boarding school (that believed different things). Since I joined that school, I have been feeling confused about what they believe and teach us, I don’t know what to believe. I love Jesus and want to know Him. I have been given a Bible and through this conference, I have been encouraged to always study my Bible to search for the truth about all I need to know.”

Timothy has been a Kids’ Sunday school teacher at His church since last year but without a Bible. “I have basically been teaching kids’ songs and using the ‘Growing Up Into Him’ kids’ books from Called to Bless. They do have a scripture on each page – to teach the kid’ s . I’ m so glad (that I now have a Bible) so I can always open my Bible and show the kids where scriptures are found every time I teach.”

Ritah, Florence, Dominic, Koline, Tim, Edith are all teens that had no bibles

Ritah said, “Teacher Tonny has been teaching us in the teens discipleship club about God. We have learned so far about God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit but had no Bibles. The teacher could teach and read to us the scriptures but we could not know or see where it is found in the Bible because we did not have one. We will now be attending the teens bible clubs and church with our Bibles.


Thank you for making a difference. By training and disciplining others they can do the

same too, so that the  work of God both now and  in the future will reach beyond our own boundaries like the ripples of a pebble tossed into a lake.

Pray for our brothers and sisters as they grow up in  Christ and touch others.

Pray for continued and growing unity in the body of  Christ.

Scott and Sharon Called to Bless