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Reaching People ~ Transforming Lives

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Smiths in Uganda

Smiths in Uganda

Reaching the World ~ Transforming Lives

Go  ye therefore, and  make disciples of all the nations…  Matt. 28: 19


An exciting opportunity the Lord has given us this year has been to go into two schools
and teach the Word of God. This combines both our heart for children and for discipleship.

The staff teaches in a way that is both systematic while remaining fun  and interactive. 

The teaching is then reinforced with crafts, games, colouring, and movies 

which add extra value to the school while planting the truths of God’s Word.

Priscilla Kobusigye, who attended “The Growing Up Into Him” conference in December, 
started  Trinidad school this year with 20 students. Several of the students are from Muslim 
backgrounds giving us an opportunity to sow the seed of God’s Word into lives we would
not otherwise have access to. We visit Trinidad the first three Fridays of each month for
two hours each time.

Pricilla, recently wrote  h ow the Bible teaching has helped the students to know  and  

learn more about God, and how they have observed a change in their perception

about Him. I t has created a positive behavior cha n ge and  has increased  their
cognitive understanding.  The staff extended their appreciation for the
encouragement, teaching,  and  skits Pricilla  continued, “ Therefore it’s our
prayer  that the services continue in order to raise a  God fearing community.”

Pray that these seeds will grow and impact whole families  and the community,

that they will know Him, being rooted and grounded in Him.

Irene Mirembe, who also attended the conference, invited us to Jireh  (as in Jehovah Jireh)
Preparatory School. It is a much larger school with 120 students where we visit the last
Friday of each month for 3 hours. Between the semesters Irene wrote this to us.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the entire school of Jireh Preparatory School.

We really thank you for the wonderful work of exploring the word of God through different activities

you do at the school. Children have learned a lot from you indeed.  Thank you so much.

Skills learned
a) Reading God’s word.
b) Singing gospel songs.
c) Desiring to know more about Jesus through Bible stories.
d) Obedience to both parents and teachers.
Changed behaviour.

You have inspired and encouraged us through your generous support

extended to the school. We really appreciate it. May God richly bless you.”

The Called to Bless team


We rejoice that God has given us these opportunities to positively impact children

and communities for His glory.  Pray  as the Lord leads.

. Scott & Sharon  ~  Called to Bless