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Food Outreach in Uganda

Food Outreach in Uganda

Reaching the World ~ Transforming Lives

Last month we shared it was on our hearts to do a food distribution to some of those around us affected by the covid shut down. There is no safety network in Uganda as here, so no work means no money. Like here many live from week to week but with no saving. The government spoke of giving a 6 kg bag of maize (corn) flour to the needy. For many this was never realized. So when we arrived people asked if we were from the government or if we were running in the upcoming election (early 2021). They thought we were giving out food to ‘buy their vote’. In effect, they were looking for a saviour from their circumstances. The team shared who we were, answered their questions, letting them know that God is the only Saviour and we had come to show His love. The response was overwhelming. We will try to capture the highlights in the pictures and testimonies. A donor to Into All The World matched any donations given to Called to Blessed. As a result we saw 86 families blessed. Thank you for praying.

Please continue to pray for the lives touched.

Stories from the food distribution as relayed by the team
One home we entered was that of Rev. & Mrs Kalyango of Bujjuko Outreach Christian Church. Things have been financially difficult. She had recently given birth to their 5th child, a baby boy. On receiving the gift she was so happy and said “God knows His people”.
At another home they arrived to find the mother feeling hopeless and full of sorrow. She had seen her son take his last breath and the husband was sick to the point of being totally bedridden. They prayed with the mother and lead the husband in a prayer of repentance.
They arrived at another home whose three children come to the Bible club to find they were still grieving the recent lost of their father. The grandmother was moved to tears of joy with the love and compassion shown through the gift.
Tom Musingu lives with his mother in a mud house. The mother told us that it really was God that led the team to her house because they had no food. For two days they had only been drinking hot water.
A neighbor to the ministry center was so happy and excited on receiving the food. She cares for her four grandchildren as the parents are deceased. She gave a verbal blessing on us.
The team arrived at the home of another pastor. With the churches locked down, they have no income. Peace and her mother were making bio charcoal balls from charcoal scraps they had been able to gather to sell so they could earn money for food. They jumped and danced thanking God for the provision.
The team found two girls Sarah & Margret playing outside and were happy to introduce us to their mother. The mom told us that the father is a drunkard and does not buy them food. They were so excited to receive the food.
The next was that of a single mom with four children. The mother struggles with her third child who is three years old and disabled, being unable to sit up or speak. The mother was requesting for any help with this child. She was so thankful for the food.
Rose, a mother of four living in a mud house with a dirt floor welcomed us. She was extremely happy to get food after being in lockdown for so long. The husband does not work. She blessed the ministry with words of hope.
In one home they entered they found an elderly lady on her death bed.  After sharing with her she received Jesus into her heart. Praise the Lord. Prayer was a vital part of ministering to the families. One Muslim man, before we could offer, asked for us to pray for him. Love changes lives.
Peace’s mother raises chicken for eggs . During this covid season her mother sold most of the chickens to get some money to feed her family. Her father who works as a security guard at local supermarket was laid off. They have been praying every day and believing God for divine provision. When we gave them the food, the mother said that it takes God to move peoples hearts to reach out to others and that she didn’t know people like us existed, people who are willing to sacrifice the little they have to feed others and think about others. And said, “Thanks a lot.”
Jackline has been sickly during this covid season. She is HIV positive. She was happy to receive the food. We rejoiced with her and believe God for her healing.

Our staff members were also touched. Lillian has been involved in ministry for years in different ways but had never done anything like this before. She said, “we don’t have much and we face our own challenges and struggles but after going out on this outreach I realize I have much to give God thanks for.”
On going prayer requests
For wisdom as we grow our roots deeper this year.
For unity in the body of Christ.
For wisdom during the ongoing shut down.
For favour, provision and vision going forward.

Scott & Sharon ~ Called to Bless