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Trees Provide Future for Impoverished Ugandans

Trees Provide Future for Impoverished Ugandans

It has been a busy fall season with the DeKonings in Uganda. A gift from
Supporters in the U.S. has allowed us to purchase a further 60 acres
about 100 km up the Nile river. We have about 160 acres to manage.
This will allow for planting of many Trees, the production of moringa oil, creating jobs and will be a fantastic place to train young people in agroforestry, life skills and the Gospel. Another gift from Canada has
enabled us to buy a good used backhoe which we need for rooting
out stumps, unproductive trees, rocks etc. We have also completed a training building we call “The Genesis center” for training workers, university students, student interns.

Planting trees is vital for life…food, fuel, income. In 2018 they have planted trees with about 50 schools and 69 community groups (10-15 households in each group.) Our team daily educates students and rural community groups, checks holes, delivers trees (mango, orange, jackfruit, moringa, musizi, gravellea, etc.) and helps plant thousands of trees each month. The love of Jesus is being shown by our actions and words.

We also have been doing research about other foods that can be grown here in Uganda – such as grapes, and breadfruit. We have imported some seedlings from Kenya (via Germany and Hawaii) and after hardening them off will be seeing if they can produce food here in Uganda as well.
Authorities are noticing our work -we recently won an award for community transformation at the 2018 Leaders gathering in Kampala. This award is for you, our financial and prayer supporters as well. We thank you for standing with us as we serve Jesus.

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